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Caring for your Wood Floor

Every single foot step brings with it mud, dirt and grime, and each particle of dust acts like sandpaper and pinch off the sheen, and life of the wood flooring. To prevent this from happening, keep floor mats at all the entrances of your home. These mats will collect the debris and thereby prolong the life of you floor.

Use a broom with soft bristles to sweep the floor surface. Sweeping will further remove the dirt and dust. Thereafter, use a soft, damp mop to wipe off the flooring covering. You can perform this procedure as needed. The soap solution for wiping the floor should be very mild and free of ammonia, dyes and other chemicals.

From time to time, vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning the hardwood floor. Always use brush attachments; nozzles and beater bars should be avoided at all costs because they can cause damage to the floor surface.

Yet another good way to take care of hardwood floors is to place runners and area rugs in those regions that receive lots of traffic. Rugs should also be placed under heavy furniture. Felt pads should be affixed on the legs of tables and chairs.

Sunlight can spoil the luster of your wooden floor as well as reduce its life. For this reason, it is essential to install good quality blinds on your windows.

Water is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors. It causes the wood to swell up, crack and disintegrate. Hence wipe off big spills immediately and do not over water the plants. If you take reasonable care your of your floors they should give you many years of enjoyment !

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