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About Our Finish

PoloPlaz Supreme is the best know oil-modified polyurethane in the business. Supreme is distinguished by its excellent flow, leveling, and unbeatable durability, and is known for its ease of use. It’s no wonder Supreme Finish has been the choice of professionals for over 45 years.

POLOPLAZ began in about 1961 as National Coatings Co. The founder of the company had been employed during the 1950's in research and development at Union Carbide. During this period, Union Carbide spent considerable resources developing the polyurethane technology that had been started during World War II.

The company prospered as a small business until the founder became ill and could no longer manage it. Mac Hogan took the reigns in 1988 and began buiding the company into one of the major players in hardwood floor finish in North America. Since then, literally millions of dollars have been invested in new products, facilities, and equipment to keep National Coatings on the cutting edge of finish technology.

PoloPlaz was the trade name of the products produced by National Coatings. Over the years, more and more customers began to refer to the company by the brand name. In 2006, National Coatings offically became known as PoloPlaz.

Unlike most finish companies who purchase all or some of their products from contract or toll manufacturers, PoloPlaz products are all made in house from our own formulations. Very few companies can make this claim. This approach ensures products are actually designed for the application and quality can be maintained to higher standards.

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